The Covid-19 pandemic continues to cause disruption for the education sector, with institutions and students having to rapidly adjust to new ways of working and learning.

Ahead of the 2021/22 academic year, leading data management platform provider, InterSystems surveyed IT decision makers from 150 higher institutions across the UK and Ireland to understand their biggest challenges during the pandemic, their 2022 expectations, and technology infrastructure plans. Discover the full set of findings by downloading the eBook, or see the storyboard for a top level view.

The research shows sharing data was the biggest challenge for 59% of institutions. However, with 47% not confident that all the systems within their organisation are well connected, this is likely to be an ongoing challenge.

Many institutions also face delays in accessing their data and aren’t using data to drive decision making as effectively as they could be, which could have significant implications for staff and students. But there’s positive steps being taken, with 32% planning increased investments in a data management platform. Not only will this help universities to overcome their data challenges, it can ultimately also help to enhance the student experience.