Decolonising the curriculum

While many academics are interested in decolonising curricula, fewer feel confident in where or how to start. The term ‘decolonisation’ is often misconstrued as a process of deleting or dismissing past teaching. In fact, decolonisation can enrich curricula, setting existing knowledge and education in the context of colonialism and Western power structures and bringing in previously marginalised voices and perspectives. This collection of resources explores the process of decolonising curricula across different disciplines, with a special THE Campus webinar featuring four academics from the UK and Australia unpicking this complex and important topic.

Teacher giving a class to a room full of students

A framework for decolonising and diversifying science curricula

Actions you can take to make your science curriculum more inclusive and relevant to all students

Alice Robson , Bronwen Burton , Zafar Bashir, Ames Mosley, Caroline McKinnon , Lara Lalemi

University of Bristol