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Before you leave to study

Everything you need to do before you start your study abroad journey.

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A guide to the NHS for international students in the UK

Are international students eligible to use the NHS? Is the NHS free for international students? Your guide to using the NHS as an international student in the UK

Joy Hunter

December 8 2023
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10 practical budgeting tips for international studying

When learning abroad, students may have to learn how to budget for the first time. Here are some tips for managing your money as an international student

Kereena Rajani

May 1 2024
group of roommates in the kitchen cooking

Housing in the Netherlands: tips and information for international students

The Netherlands is a popular study destination for international students but it can be difficult to find housing there, so be prepared and make your life easier life by reading this short guide written by an international student who has been through it all.  

Dasha Yakusheva

December 15 2022
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