AI and assessment in higher education

Threat or opportunity? Advice for using, mitigating and embracing artificial intelligence in university assessment, skills development and task design

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No sooner had generative AI ignited fears in universities about risk to assessment practices and academic integrity than academics set to working out how to embrace it to save time and enrich student skills such as critical thinking and analysis. This has required consideration of not only how to use artificial intelligence in university assessment in the future but also a rethink of past exam, assignment and evaluation practices. This diverse collection of resources includes advice on how to engineer prompts, use AI for authentic assessment design, whether to lean into AI-detection tools, how to build digital literacy and AI’s role in developing soft skills in lifelong learning.

ChatGPT and generative AI: 25 applications in teaching and assessment

In the second part of their series looking at 100 ways to use ChatGPT in higher education, Seb Dianati and Suman Laudari share 25 prompts for such AI tools to assist with teaching and assessment

Seb Dianati, Suman Laudari

Charles Darwin University

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